Constructing Success
Resilience, Routine, and Discipline
July 26, 2023
In the enthralling third episode of Constructing Success titled "Resilience, Routine, and Discipline," host Derek Baer welcomes the esteemed guest, John Chapman, on a journey of inspiration and innovation. Join us as we delve into John's incredible story and groundbreaking project, medic copilot. John Chapman shares his remarkable journey, from his military career to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Drawing inspiration from technology giants like Microsoft and GitHub, John's project, medic copilot, aims to revolutionize access to essential medical information. Unlike solely relying on artificial intelligence, his project incorporates decision trees and other methods, making it a game-changer in the medical field. Through candid conversations, John explores the challenges and opportunities in healthcare and discusses the risks of relying solely on AI applications like chat GPT. He reveals the innovative approach taken in the first phase of medic copilot, ensuring reliable and auditable information within approved medical guidelines for medics. John's dedication to the niche market of prehospital care, from injury to higher levels of care, is commendable. Not one to shy away from challenging environments, he also aims to extend the benefits of his project to combat medics and communities with limited access to medical specialists. But John's journey doesn't begin with medic copilot; he takes us back to his military career and transition into defense contracting. We learn about pivotal moments that led to the birth of his own company and how personal growth and dedication played crucial roles in his success. Tune in as John shares his thoughts on passion, purpose, and money in business, revealing his desire to make a difference while also seeking personal wealth and a desired lifestyle. He reflects on the impact of routine, discipline, and physical fitness in his life, drawing lessons from his military experience. As the episode unfolds, John leaves us with a powerful reminder to persevere and continue learning, emphasizing the importance of utilizing the abundance of available resources. Join Derek Baer and John Chapman for an inspiring and insightful discussion on resilience, routine, and discipline. This episode of "Constructing Success" promises to leave you motivated and empowered to construct your own path to success.