Constructing Success
Building Beyond Barriers
September 21, 2023
Welcome to the eighth episode of Constructing Success. Your host, Derek Baer, never fails to bring inspiring personalities to the table, and today is no exception. As we venture into the bustling world of sales, lifestyle, and personal evolution, our latest episode, titled Building Beyond Barriers, promises to be a beacon for those looking to push their boundaries. Meet Blake Lanz, a dynamic force in the construction and real estate scene. His journey isn't simply about bricks, mortar, and contracts—it's about crafting dreams, overcoming challenges, and relentlessly chasing goals. Through Derek's insightful conversation with Blake, listeners will get a front-row seat to the trials and tribulations that come with being a leader in a challenging industry. Blake doesn't just share his professional highs; he digs deep into the lessons learned from the hurdles he's faced along the way. In this episode, Derek also delves into Blake's unique work ethic. It's not just about navigating the tumultuous waters of real estate development. It's about the passion, drive, and resilience required to stay afloat and sail ahead, even when the tides are against you. From understanding the origins of Blake's undying hustle to discussing the myriad challenges posed by fluctuating markets, this episode promises a comprehensive peek into the world of construction and real estate. So, tune in to Constructing Success as Derek Baer unravels yet another story of dedication, perseverance, and achieving the incredible. Whether you're in the industry or just someone looking for a dose of motivation, this episode is bound to leave you inspired.