Constructing Success
An Episode Of Absolutes
August 3, 2023
In the riveting fourth episode of Constructing Success titled "An Episode Of Absolutes," host Derek Baer is joined by the esteemed guest Ken Lundin. After finding an opportunity at Insperity, Ken joined the company in a sales role. However, it took two years to process the challenges he faced indeed. Seeking something bigger, Ken made a life-changing decision to leave Insperity, embarking on a journey of self-discovery.   Despite facing numerous rejections during his job search, Ken had a moment of realization that would alter the course of his life. Regaining confidence and determination, he went from a salesperson to a Vice President of a technology company within just 30 days.   But the success continued. In just 15 months, Ken ascended to Senior Vice President at a prestigious fintech company, tripling his income. He encountered trials and obstacles along the way, including a significant financial hit and the challenges of selling sales training in an uncertain market.   Ken's approach to wellness is also explored, emphasizing the connection between the mind and body. He reveals his daily fitness routines, dietary habits, and how he prioritizes self-care to maintain his desired physique and mental clarity.   Delving into the sales world, Ken shares the challenges he faced while transitioning from an athlete to a sales professional. He provides valuable insights into the importance of having a structured sales process and the need for mental strength and preparedness in the field.   Moreover, Ken shares his expertise on implementing sales training and its transformative impact on his life and career. He emphasizes the significance of buy-in from management, accountability, and ongoing support to ensure the success of any training program. Join Derek Baer and Ken Lundin on this transformative episode of Constructing Success as we uncover the power of taking control, navigating adversity, and finding unparalleled success. Get inspired and empowered as we explore the incredible journey of resilience and determination.