Constructing Success
Through Their Eyes
December 20, 2023
Welcome to "Constructing Success," where each episode weaves together the building blocks of a thriving business, adventurous lifestyle, and fulfilling personal growth. Host Derek Baer brings together thought leaders, innovators, and trailblazers to explore the multifaceted aspects of success. In this episode, Derek sits down with Sales Expert, acclaimed author, and Scaling Up coach, Mark Allen Roberts. They dive into a holistic discussion about balancing the pillars of life—work, family, health, and faith—while navigating the complex terrain of strategy development, coaching, and scaling businesses. Mark imparts wisdom on Sales Leadership and Management, emphasizing the transformative power of skills training for sales teams. They break down good vs. bad data, the value of CRM, and the importance diving deeper into perceived problems. The conversation shifts to the discipline required in sales environments, the critical questions that yield actionable insights, and understanding customers beyond surface-level interactions. Delve into the anatomy of cold calling and the artistry behind effective marketing sequences. They explore the nuances of email marketing—what percentage of cold emails are opened and how to make yours stand out. Finally, Mark offers valuable advice on approaching potential clients, communicating effectively, and the most persuasive ways to engage. This episode isn't just about making sales; it's a blueprint for constructing a successful business and life. Tune in to "Constructing Success" for insights that could redefine your strategies and propel you towards your goals, one episode at a time.