Constructing Success
Appreciating The Journey
July 14, 2023
Welcome to "Constructing Success," the podcast where host Derek Baer explores the intersection of sales, lifestyle, and personal development. In the captivating second episode titled "Appreciating The Journey," Derek welcomes special guest Aaron Trahan for an insightful discussion on various topics that will inspire listeners to achieve success in all aspects of their lives. Derek and Aaron kick off the episode by challenging the notion of a trial and error period, emphasizing the importance of embracing different approaches when starting something new. They encourage listeners to step outside their comfort zones and embrace the learning process of trying new things. The conversation then transitions to the mindset of determination and not giving up. Aaron shares their personal experiences and stresses the significance of consistently showing up and overcoming challenges. They highlight the power of resilience in achieving success, emphasizing the need to persist even when faced with obstacles. Financial stability is another key topic addressed in this episode. Derek advocates for being financially conservative and having a safety net before significant transitions. They suggest platforms like Uber or Uber Eats as potential side hustles to supplement income, even for those who may initially feel uncomfortable with certain aspects. Drawing from their own experience, Aaron shares insights on starting a successful rover business, emphasizing the unexpected success that can come from pursuing something as a means of financial security. Leadership takes the spotlight as Derek and Aaron discuss effective leadership practices. They explore the importance of feedback loops, motivation, and guidance within teams and organizations. Influential leaders are encouraged to share their vision and be accessible to all levels of the organization while valuing and incorporating feedback from lower-level employees. The conversation then shifts towards parenting, with Aaron emphasizing the importance of actions over words in teaching children. They caution parents to be mindful of their behavior, as children often mimic their actions. Derek shares anecdotes and references a scene from the movie Jaws to drive home this point. Finding a balance between work, responsibilities, and personal life is also addressed. Aaron seeks advice on prioritizing their partner and maintaining a fresh and fulfilling relationship amidst the stresses of daily life. Aaron underscores the importance of genuine commitment and continuous personal growth, using examples from sports and personal experiences to illustrate the necessity of embracing discomfort and pursuing challenges. The discussion further delves into business strategies, emphasizing the importance of financial runway, planning for worst-case scenarios, and being prepared for potential failures. Aaron expresses gratitude for Derek's support and guidance during tough times, highlighting the value of mentorship and collaboration. The episode concludes by introducing the 70/20/10 mindset rule, which assesses individuals' mindsets toward growth and development. Aaron explains how the minority group of individuals who actively invest in their personal growth achieve tremendous success. The conversation also touches on the importance of visual processing and the relaxation benefits of spending time in nature. Throughout the episode, Derek and Aaron share personal anecdotes, discuss their interests and guilty pleasures, and express a genuine desire for continuous personal and professional growth. Join Derek and his captivating guests on a transformative journey of self-improvement and success. Tune in to "Appreciating The Journey" and unlock the keys to constructing your path to success. Constructing Success: Building the foundation for a life of achievement, growth, and fulfillment.