Constructing Success
Sales Hall Of Fame
October 5, 2023
In the highly anticipated tenth episode of Constructing Success, titled Sales Hall of Fame, host Derek Baer brings a powerhouse guest to the stage – none other than the renowned sales expert, Dave Kurlan. Known for his game-changing books “Mindless Selling” and “Baseline Selling,” Dave has transformed sales strategies and empowered professionals across various industries. Join us in this enlightening episode as Derek Baer delves deep into the world of sales success and the common challenges that hinder salespeople. Together, Derek and Dave explore the critical factors underpinning a salesperson’s success, including the importance of following the sales process, building influential relationships with decision-makers, and employing a consultative approach to sell value. The conversation also delves into the concept of sales DNA, where Dave sheds light on identifying weaknesses and the essential need for supportive strengths to drive strategic and tactical execution effectively. But that’s not all – Derek and Dave peel back the curtain on Dave’s fascinating journey to becoming a renowned sales expert. They discuss the pivotal moment that prompted Dave to take on a sales job to enhance his communication skills, ultimately catapulting him into the spotlight as a celebrated author, blogger, and speaker. Throughout this episode, Derek and Dave explore a wide range of topics, including the art of active listening, overcoming the discomfort of discussing money, conquering the fear of rejection, and the pivotal role of taking the lead in prospecting. They also dive into revolutionary changes in sales prospecting, the evolving dynamics of the discovery phase, and strategies for positioning oneself as the optimal choice for high-level executives. Get ready to construct your path to success as we delve into the riveting Episode 10 of “Constructing Success.” It’s time to dive in and learn from the best! Constructing Success: Guiding you toward success through the wisdom and strategies of exceptional individuals like Dave Kurlan.