Constructing Success
Triumph With Trades
August 31, 2023
In the sixth episode of Constructing Success, titled “Triumph With Trades,” host Derek Baer engages with the accomplished Jason Saunders, delving into the world of trades and the pivotal elements that paved the way for his success. Jason shares invaluable insights and experiences learned throughout his journey in the trades industry. From his humble beginnings working on caterpillar drivetrains to his evolution into leadership roles, his path is a treasure trove of lessons for anyone aspiring to excel not only in the trades but in any industry that requires grit to be successful. Listen in as we unravel Jason’s strategies from invaluable communication skills to the profound impact of perseverance, this episode promises to provide valuable insights and inspiration for those striving to carve their own triumph in the world of trades. Constructing Success: Guiding you through triumphant journeys in the world of trades and beyond.